Dermatophagia Healing Time & Recovery

Dermatophagia is an anxiety disorder in which patient bite and chew his skin when he is suffering from anxiety. Patient eats his fingers again and again until bleeding starts. Blood oozing out of biting site makes patient comfortable and relax. With the passage of time this disorder become worse. Excessive biting and chewing leads to cuts and scars on skin and infection can occur at that site. Patient feel mentally relaxed while biting and chewing his skin. Normally patient with dermatophagia bite and chew his skin on fingertips and skin around nails and joints. Patient also commonly chew skin of cheeks from inside of mouth. Lip biting is another form of dermatophagia. There may be many causes behind that disorder and treatment is designed according to the leading cause behind it. Patient follow behavioral therapy and habit changing therapy to quit and treat this disorder. Treating this anxiety disorder will take longer because it is related to mental condition, so therapies work slowly in months and sometimes in years. Patient may get fully recover in a year. Recovery time may vary person to person and according to worsening of disorder. People use different remedies to get rid of this disorder and these remedies do work. Patient start avoiding skin biting and chewing and with the passage of time patient start getting rid of this disorder. When patient bite and chew his skin again and again scars and cuts appear on skin. These cuts allow blood to rinse from them. Some patients even after bleeding do not stop and continue biting their skin for relaxing and comforting. This makes the scars and cuts worse. Patient have to contact doctor immediately to avoid infection at biting site. Doctor immediately apply cotton and pyodine on blood and tie a bandage over it. Blood stop oozing out but these scars take time to heal properly. Healing time may vary in days and months. The deep cuts take more time to heal completely. Doctor may have to change dressing for 2 to 3 times until it completely heal and skin start recovering. Healing time vary from person to person. Some people skin have awesome healing power and get completely heal in few days. Sometimes patient take months to get completely healed skin. Healing time also depend upon patients will to recover from dermatophagia. Therapy effectiveness is another factor effecting healing time. Patient have to try hard because recovering from this disorder is not an easy task. Along with medical therapy, patient have to continue behavioral therapy as well. Some remedies are also used to treat dermatophagia like wearing finger coverings and chewing bubble gum all the time or applying nail paints with bitter taste and foul smell. All these remedies help patient to recover fast than usual time. Sometimes using medical therapy makes patient comfortable and stop him from biting and chewing skin but when patient stop taking anti depressants, this disorder again become heavy and patient start chewing his skin. So all these above mentioned therapies are compulsary to use with medical therapy.
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