Dermatophagia Treatment/Cure

Dermatophagia is an anxiety disorder and lies under the class of obsessive compulsive disorder. So its treatment involve two main treatment options. 1st option involve mental therapies and 2nd option consist of medical therapy. Dermatophagia cannot be cure completely but these treatment options try to lessen their urge. The psychological or mental therapies involve two main therapies named behavioral modification therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. In case of behavioral modification therapy, the behavior of patient is changed or modified. Physician ask patient to develop another less harmful habit instead of chewing skin around the nails. Patient can also feel relax with another habit both physically and mentally. Behavior of patient can also be changed by applying a nail paint on nails with a foul smell. So whenever patient try to bite or chew his skin around nails, will smell a bad odor and stop biting. This will help a lot in treating or limiting this anxiety disorder. Artificial nails can also be used to treat dermatophagia.

Another therapy named cognitive behavioral therapy is also used to relax mind in dermatophagia. It is the leading therapy in treating psychological conditions. In this therapy patient is allowed to ask about his habit of chewing nails and skin around it. When patient open up and discuss every thing with physician, they set a goal and slowly try to get rid of this disorder reaching to that specific goal decided.

Now comes the medical therapy in which this disorder is treated with medicines. But this therapy is not used alone but in combination with other psychological therapies. In this therapy, medicines are used like antidepressants. These antidepressants depress the mental activity and allow the patient to relax. Patient will no longer think about society and relax mentally and physically. But physician have to monitor patient on daily basis for drug abuse or drug over use.

Dermatophagia is getting common day by day i.e. every 2 out of 7 patients are suffering from dermatophagia. People with dermatophagia uncontrollably bite or chew their skin around nails so sometimes due to this reason this disorder remains undiagnosed. People with dermatophagia feel embarrassment in public while biting their nails and skin around nails. So these patient require treatment. This condition is not really easy to treat or stop on short notice. Treatment of dermatophagia takes time in months or even in years. There may be many causes behind dermatophagia like genetics, trauma, injury and many more. If this condition is left untreated, it may get worse and cause further complications like infection at biting site.

Patient have to get emotionally recover to combat this disorder. Treatment of dermatophagia is necessary and the abovementioned therapies helps a lot for this purpose. Other than these above mentioned therapies, patient have to control himself willingly during depression phase. Others can also help patient from getting rid of this anxiety disorder. Treating this disorder will show some positive and some negative effects on patient according to the treatment option selected.
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